Trying to decide what to use this space for, since I’ve already paid for the domain name. I want to use it to blog about the politics of being a sex worker (ie. how it feels to be living in a society that criminalizes lots of sex work – for moral reasons but also economic reasons) and the experience of being a sex worker (the excitement, the frustration, the sexiness, the kink, the lows…)

I am not sure who would read/follow, but it would be dope to have a record. I just got my new acrylic set today using the $hmoney I made from my beautiful clients. I absolutely love what I do.


I’ll share this on twitter – my site, that is, and see if I can’t garner a few interested followers. I think the other girls from Chaturbate, especially the more woke girls, would love this space.


Hi from Sunday Night

Gotta get a good sleep tonight! Early morning tomorrow. Just wish I had someone to squeeze my up to sleep ❤

Sunday night are always a little bluesy. I hope everyone is taking the time to enjoy the Springtime weather, the sounds of the music in your life, and the relationships that make your heart beat ❤

Sending Kisses and Snuggles,