Arousal, Desire, and Freedom

I’ve been working for myself for about a month and a half now (goodbye, 9-5 life!) and I’ve been blessed to stumble across Carol Queen, a sex worker who wrote Real, Live, Nude Girl in 1995.

For my clients and folks who are interested in meeting me, these quotes help explain the connection I have to my work, and to you all.


“I came to believe that the men who were my Clients- mostly ‘yuppies and their dads,’ as I usually describe them- were paying for sex not because they couldn’t get it any other way… When a client comes to me, he brings need of a kind he often cannot articulate. His need for acceptance and nurturance is intermingled with erotic longing. At first, I was surprised to open the door to men I had never met before and find that they were already erect, but now I see this as a body-understanding on the client’s part that his desire will be accepted and affirmed. He does not feel desire for a particular person, but the sort of desire, I am certain, that ardent worshipers brought to the temples, desire to connect, to know eroticism as powerful and good.”

“It is a core sex-negative belief that one loses one’s power when in a state of intense arousal: Arousal is seen as positively dangerous. Our mothers warn us against it, televangelists tearfully apologize when they’re caught in it, the notion of ‘sex addition’ has been devised to enforce and profit from it, and ordinary people describe experiencing it with phrases like ‘I felt out of control.’ All of this is rubbish. The belief that sex weakens a person’s morality is dangerous; it is a Christian chimera, a social fiction with a hard edge of social control. This existential sucker-punch leaves us unprepared to make sensible decisions, to respect ourselves and the people we have sex with, and to assert our needs.”

“As a naughty little grown-up, I declare that pleasure is for my own good.”

– Carol Queen, Real, Live, Nude Girl (1995)

Desire, arousal, and lust are all valid parts of our human experience. I feel that men’s sexuality is demonized as inherently oppressive, and somehow at fault for things like rape and assault. In the absence of consent, unfortunately these violations do occur (I have experienced it myself). But I have found through my work that a man, exploring his sexual desires in a safe space, is a fountain of life force that is not only beautiful, but natural and good.

It saddens me to see how sex-negative and erotophobic society can be – despite the fact that sex as integral to life as food and water! I feel the specialness of being in a space with a gentleman where sexual expression is not only expected, it is guaranteed. I feel the chains of society’s bindings loosening in my own mind and in my body, and we melt together in perfect harmony.

I hope that the folks who read this feel empowered in their own sexuality, no matter how it presents itself and what forms it may take, and to know that it is a signal of one’s humanity to be a sexual creature. ❤


Checking in :)

Hi Everyone – I just got done getting a delightful spa manicure and pedicure. It has been a great week full of memories.

Fall is in the air, and although we still have plenty of hot days ahead of us, it’s time to say goodbye to summer.

I for one am excited about the Fall and winter seasons and what they will bring. I hope to continue building on my goals, meeting new people, continuing connections with familiar faces, and getting through each day.

I’m still on Switter and Twitter, and though I haven’t been on my web cam channel much lately, you can still catch me every now and then on Chaturbate.

Sending a big hello to everyone,

Hi from a wet, rainy September day. I’m cuddled up with a cup of iced coffee (espresso!) even though hot tea would be more perfect 😉

Got caught in the rain today while walking and thought about how unpredictable life can be.

I’m happy to be back online after a brief hiatus. What is everyone up to these days? Get in touch.

The sun is coming out – I’m going to see how it feels outside.

Until next time. XO,

Weekend Check-In: July 2018

Hi everyone! It is after midnight on Saturday but since I’m home and relaxing, I can’t be too naughty, can I?

I’ve had a great weekend so far. I had a great time with a lovely individual on Friday night eating delicious shrimp pasta and enjoying great conversation. Sometimes a nice evening is all you need for a few days of good vibes.

I’m house-hunting for a new living situation this week, which is, as you can guess, both exciting and stressful. I am trying to focus on the former 😉 I aim to manifest a CUTE little space for myself, where I can write in peace and quiet, and produce amazing sexy and fun content for my lovely followers.

Last but certainly not least, I’ve begun curating a wishlist for items I think are adorable from across the web. It’s basically for lovely people to spoil me or to just show appreciation.

Tomorrow is a new day… so I should get some rest 😉 Sending the sunniest wishes, XO,


Listening to Music…

Hi, beautiful people of the world. Tonight I’m kickin’ it on my living room couch listening to Beyonce and Jay Z’s surprise album, “Everything is Love,” and thinking about how if you can be open to good things, then the world will present you with the opportunity, but you gotta say YES 🙂

I’m trying to say fuck fear. Why do we wait for permission to do the things we always wanted to do? It’s pointless to live like that. I don’t mean to say we should be reckless and thoughtless with our lives, quite the opposite – we should be intentional and choose a direction. I’m saying the choice should be fueled by the dreams that want to be made real. I encourage everyone reading this to live each day with a focus on that dream ❤





Hi from Santa Fe Vacation

Hello from the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico. That’s right, everyone’s favorite thot is taking a little trip to rest and enjoy life.

It really is spectacular out here. The mountains are towering, and the air is so fresh and crisp even in June. It’s a wonderful way to spend a bit of the summer, even if it’s just one short weekend.

I do miss being able to go on Chaturbate and say hi to my lovelies. I am trying to stay connected on niteflirt and sextpanther, though. I am hoping my fans would send me latte and manicure money (if you’re reading this sendfun play funds to $kittylola on Cashapp for good karma.)



I need to take more photos of the scenery to post here. The houses in town look just like what you’d imagine – clay, in the pueblo style. The people seem friendly enough but seem to keep to themselves.

I’m off to find a bookstore but will try to post again later.


Santa Fe is something from the Peter heller novel, “Celine”, where a mysterious person hides away in this engulfing place.


Gettin’ Excited

I’ve really been enjoying seeing how different people get off. Some people love to be humiliated, some people want me to submit to them, some people want me to pretend to be the slutty intern… I get excited each time I prepare to hear someone’s fantasy.

I’ve been humiliating a 52yo married man, and he’s been trying to spoil me. All he wants is to know how pathetic he is, and I am happy to tell him so.

I’ve also met some individuals with kink that are just out here trying to jack off. I find it endearing to hear them ask me with all eagerness to assist with a naughty phrase or two.

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