Netflix and Chill and Reminiscing on Birthdays Past

Hi y’all! Because I am still resting and staying relatively cooped up, I decided to start watching the new show on Netflix called “Lupin.” I’m really enjoying because I love the French language and heist movies. The combination of the two is the perfect thing to get my mind going as my body relaxes.

I can’t help but reminisce, because my birthday is this week, and one year ago I was jetting off to Paris on a solo adventure. This year, I am living in New York, which is an adventure in and of itself. Yet I feel a little sad that global travel, and travel in general, is not what it was last year.

I found myself looking for flights to Miami, the Bahamas, and Punta Cana – anywhere warm and sunny. But I just don’t feel right about taking a birthday trip this year.

However, maybe this is for the best. I have made one or two girlfriends in the City, and we are going to celebrate by exploring Manhattan. I feel grateful to not have to spend my birthday alone. Even though last year I was alone by choice, and I enjoyed myself greatly, I felt a little lonely wandering the streets of Paris. I look forward to making this birthday a little bit more social, despite the circumstances.

It has been an incredible year for me. I moved across the country in the midst of a pandemic and found open, loving arms here to hold me. I also feel so thankful to be able to stay in contact with Austin friends from time to time.

I posted some new pictures on my Tryst and Twitter. I hope you like them!



One thought on “Netflix and Chill and Reminiscing on Birthdays Past

  1. Well, I for one, as an Austin friend miss you tons and look forward to seeing you here . . . there . . . or, better yet, let’s meet somewhere neither of us has ever been! Have a happy birthday . . . present will be on it’s way to you soon.


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