Bacon, Egg, & Cheese (in NYC)

How wild it is that I have been a New Yorker for seven months, and I just tried my first bacon, egg, & cheese sandwich? To me, time has flown, and although I still feel quite new here, I am finally feeling settled.

For example, I have friends now! Just a few, but a few is all I really need. I have a manicurist, an esthetician, and a psychiatrist and therapist, all here in NYC. The fact that I have to take a one-hour subway ride to the Bronx to see my wax specialist is no problem, because I enjoy exploring different areas of New York.

The real downside is that my gentlemen friends from Austin and I are in effect separated not only due to space, but the annoying pandemic. I wonder when people will feel safe traveling. I, for one, do feel safe traveling, but my personal opinion matters little when others are overwhelmingly against travel. Plus, I really don’t want to quarantine after returning or arriving anywhere – what a bummer!

Today is a pretty relaxed day for me. I am wearing silky pajamas and drinking a Topo Chico. I am taking this quiet time to check in on the blog, and update my Twitter and Tryst pages. It’s good to have some administrative time.

I’m thinking of visiting the Met tomorrow, so I can enjoy some relaxing art viewing, and get out of the house (I use the term “house” loosely.)

Wishing you all a nice day, and thanks for your support! XOXO,


One thought on “Bacon, Egg, & Cheese (in NYC)

  1. I always love to see what next you will share with us on your blog. As one of your Austin friends . . . I miss you fiercely! Hoping everyone can get vaccinated soon . . . will feel far better about travel once that’s in place. Hoping you got your trip to the MET. You are a force of nature . . . you came, you saw, you settled in . . . you are amazing. Take care and thanks for sharing another post. Miss ya!

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