Springtime Check-In :)

Hello, hello, lovely people. I wanted to write a quick blog post to check in with you all. I do realize it has been *a while*. I let my domain (kittylola.rocks) go without renewing it, so I basically disappeared and was re-born again.

Which means this is the perfect time to update you on what’s new with me!

Since the last time I’ve written, I’ve traveled more and met some amazing and wonderful gentlemen. Life is good when you’re surrounded by good people. I’m feeling excited for the summer 2020 and what the rest of the year has to bring.

With the current global pandemic and the regulations in place, life has gotten even more interesting. I miss nail salons, shopping, and just going to get a good drink, but I’m happy to know that I have nothing to fear or worry about, unlike many people I am fairly lucky.

I feel like the whole COVID19 drama is actually a blessing in disguise, despite the hardships many will face. I feel like as a society, we can all benefit from a reset and a slowing down.

Look at all the hobbies that have been re-born during this quarantine! There is creativity, because there is necessity. Innovation is exciting, and change, especially unwanted change, is the perfect opportunity to innovate and create.

I hope all of you are enjoying the fruit of your labor this Spring and Summer.


Till next time,



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