Relax / Action

Hi, beautiful people! I’ve been so enjoying my home space this past week. After spending a week in the Dominican and then a few days in Tennessee (hearts to sweet gent…), I felt strangely quiet being back at home. That’s when I realized I need down time, quiet time, not only to relax and regroup, but to handle mundane details that really add up to important tidbits!

For example, laundry. Another example, spending time with my dog. A third example, cleaning my space. These small actions are plenty to fill a morning with meaningful, productive tasks. I’m learning that life can only be glamorous and exciting with a balance of mundane and detail-oriented aspects, too. I *could* bounce all over and try to keep a high-paced lifestyle, but that would mean allowing the small but important things to fall by the wayside.

It’s a gift to be able to wake up each day, eat something, and drink water. These genuine, life-bringing moments are what I’m all about, and no amount of excitement should ever make the small facets of my daily life un-special.


All this to say, I’m hoping to keep traveling and seeing new places, meeting new people, and expanding my adventure called life. But I am also choosing to balance the fast-paced moments with seriously quiet and focused downtime.

As I prepare for my upcoming visit to Dallas and then NYC afterwards, I remember how blessed I am to have a solid home base. I look forward to traveling, and I look forward to coming home again. ❤

Thank you for reading and staying updated on my inner monologue! 🙂 I appreciate you very much.

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