Caribbean Reflections

Hi, beautiful people! I am back home and full of little moments from the week in Punta Cana, Domincan Republic and my first visit to Tennessee.

Travel really is the best thing for a change in perspective, which we all need every now and then. I was able to use my recent practice of being in the moment to truly enjoy lounging on the beach. I turned off my phone and left it in the hotel room (there was no service to speak of anyway!) and spent day after day doing exactly what I wanted to do. If I felt hungry, I went to the Snack Bar and ate some french fries. If I was sleepy, I fell asleep on the beach or in my hotel room and took a nap. If I was horny, well… Some things stay in Dominicana 😉

One of my favorite experiences was when two ladies, Mira and Judy, braided my hair for over three hours! The result was an incredibly long bunch of green, white, and black braids. I had such a blast rocking the Island Girl look for one week. I admit that I had a small panic attack trying to remove the braids, which took a lot of effort and patience. It was worth it.

Now that I’m back home, I feel ready to make some small changes in my life. I find that small habits add up to big things! The small changes I plan to make include spending a more disciplined amount of time on administrative tasks such as replying to emails and posting online. This means focused, dedicated hours each day instead of randomly throughout the day. I can tweak it as needed, of course, but I’m hoping this will allow me to focus better on replying and sharing information, and allow me more mental free space when I am not at my computer.

I also noticed while in Dominicana how truly special it is to just sit, and just be. For example, as I sit here writing in the park, I can feel the wind on my face and see this big Texas sky. It’s a moment in time that I get to experience, and it’s a small miracle. It isn’t much, it isn’t even noteworthy and I will probably forget it in a few hours, but it is here and now, and I am the lucky person who gets to experience it.

On another note, my first travel date went swimmingly! Special thanks to You Know Who for making me feel comfortable and taken care of during my trip to Tennessee ❤ It took me a little bravery to venture outside of Texas to meet someone new, but now I know that I can do it, and have a blast too!

Until next time, lovely people. Stay cool.

One thought on “Caribbean Reflections

  1. Still love that hair! Sounds like the trip was EXACTLY what you needed. I love the thoughts behind your small changes too. It’s very inspirational… but sadly not enough to get me to change… yet. Lots of change coming in my life soon. When that does down I’ll try to be inspired by you again and see if I can emulate you, even just a little. Thanks for sharing.


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