Independence Day

I’m realizing how important it is to exercise my personal independence every day. Each choice produces an infinite set of possibilities and outcomes, so it’s helpful to be detached to any specific outcome. While giving it my best, I focus on being open to whatever result occurs. Regardless of the independence I have to make decisions, I must also accept that the world around me is independent as well! That means that, regardless of my best efforts, things often happen that are out of my control. My independence remains intact when I choose to respond to the unexpected in a way that is positive and productive.

I seek a happy balance between humbleness in the face of the big, vast Universe, and sincere confidence in my own capabilities. Life is full of ups and downs, often in the same day, and I am a lucky witness to a it all. I am challenging myself lately to make less value judgements (good versus bad) and simply accepting things for exactly what they are – so be it, c’est la vie!

In the mindset of Independence, I hope to find independence from a desire to control everything around me – outcomes, timelines, narratives… Focusing on these things can be helpful to an extent, for example when setting goals and making productive strides, but I am now choosing to bring my attention to the present moment and doing my best within the present moment. The future will take care of itself, and the past is already gone. The only thing that exists is now. I hope that myself and anyone reading this can find freedom and bravery to exist exactly as they are, right here, right now, and in each passing moment. ❤ XO, Lola

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